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Intro to UVC Lighting & How It Protects Your Facilities

What is UVC Lighting, and how can this tech stop pathogen spread in our facilities? Join us for our Intro to UVC webinar, back by popular demand!

Upcoming:   6/4 1pm EST   6/11 11am EST   6/18 2pm EST

Top 5 Technologies Your Facility Needs, Post-Pandemic

As our economy opens up in phases, we should focus on making our employees, students and workers feel as comfortable and productive as possible. Technology such as streaming A/V and disinfection systems can empower us to embrace a collaborative environment, and reopen with confidence.

Upcoming:   6/3 1pm EST







UVC Light Disinfection Enginnering

A Deep Dive Into UVC Light Technology

UVC light is potent against a broad range of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and spores. But how does it work? Join us as we explore this powerful band on the electromagnetic spectrum, and the ways it deactivates the world’s most reviled pathogens.

Upcoming:   6/12 11am EST   6/17 2pm EST

The Truth About Chemical Disinfectants

Why did Poison Control Centers nationwide report call volume increases in 2020? In this free webinar, we will discuss the effect of chemical agent residue and fumes on your health, and what your facility can do to be safer going forward. Cleaning protocols in your schools, offices and workspaces won’t ever be the same.

Upcoming:   TBD – Watch a Recording







The Post-Pandemic Design of the American Office Space

The “6 feet rule” of social distancing isn’t going away any time soon, and facilities will have to learn how to adapt certain safety measures if they want to reopen. In this free webinar, we examine how critical it is to normalize these measures into everyday work or school life.

Upcoming:   TBD – Watch a Recording 

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